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Neddeaus Project page

The Neddeaus
of Duqesne Island on CBC

The hit CBC digital original series that follows an infamous lost documentary about a peculiar off the grid family.

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Watch the whole series now:

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The Neddeaus is a 1970s documentary about a peculiar family living in isolation on an island in Northern Ontario. With a history rooted in violence and mutiny, the Neddeaus and their ancestors have lived secluded on Duqesne Island for over a hundred years, speaking an arcane language, and practicing a forgotten faith.

Over the course of a year, filmmaker Ford Francis Mayflower lived with the family and documented their day to day lives. The film was scheduled for broadcast in 1975, but for reasons unknown, the release was cancelled and all materials embargoed. Though lost for decades in the CBC archives, rumours of misconduct, incest, and disturbing content have surrounded the project ever since.

Unearthed and remastered for digital release, The Neddeaus is the never before seen portrait of a bizarre self-exiled family and the strange rituals that make up their off-the-grid existence.

Director: Sam Zvibleman
Creator: Aaron Schroeder
Producer: Kelly McCormack
Executive Producers: Aaron Schroeder, Kelly McCormack, Zach Feldberg, Sandra Picheca

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