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Play The Film

Play the Film

When the opening night of a new play goes horribly awry, the actors are forced to frantically improvise the plot onstage. Clashing egos, tested friendships and a series of disastrous misunderstandings combine to create the most offensive, shocking and accidental piece of theater ever to debut in front of a live audience

Play the Film is the Canadian comedy that stars Kristian Bruun from BBC’s Orphan Black along with some of Canada’s most celebrated comedic talents. This runaway was produced for only $1000 as part of celebrated DIY filmmaker Ingrid Veninger’s 1K Wave. It has been in festivals all over the world picking up seven awards and will be released Spring 2017.

Director: Alec Toller
Writer: Kelly McCormack
Producers: Kelly McCormack, Kristian Bruun
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People’s Pick for Best Flick – Canadian Film Festival
Best Screenplay – Williamsburg International Film Festival
Best Actress – Williamsburg International Film Festival
Best Screenplay – Bootleg Film Festival NYC
Best Screenplay – Broad Humor FIlm Festival Los Angeles
Best “No Budget” Feature – Berlin Independent Film Festival

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